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Location:  21 Dzintaru Str.,  Jurmala, Latvia
Real estate type:  Apartment house

Total area:            4309.6 sq.m

Terraces:              496 sq.m

Parking:                758.8 sq.m

Number of apartments: 15
Status:  put into operation Y2019


Connection of generations, connection of times, memory of great people who made their life history  and left a contribution to the history of the city,  country and world.

The motto of Villa Milia is the connection of times and the continuity

of generations.

The idea of the project is to preserve and pass on the memory of the heyday and economic growth for Latvia - the beginning of the XX century. Villa Milia is a modern interpretation of the famous in Scandinavia Villa Benjamina and dedicated to its owner, “the queen of the Latvian press” and the first Latvian businesswoman, Emilia Benjamin.

This elegant villa of 4,309 sqm inner area with 15 elite apartments is

a decoding in the language of modern architecture of a house that was built in 1938 using the most cutting-edge technologies and materials of that period. For example, there was a 4 x 7 m wall made of monolithic glass, dropping into the floor; the door handles were made at the Porsche factory from aluminum with plastic overlays (at the time of manufacture, this material was more expensive than gold and was super fashionable). The building was considered the most progressive in Scandinavia in terms of architecture, design and technology.

It is not only the historical building that is decoded, but also its owner.

For instance, Emilia Benjamin loved Japanese culture and Japanese landscape. The modern villa has a Tori gate and a semblance of a Japanese classical garden. All 5 elements of nature, i.e. a combination of water, fire, air, wood and earth (fireplace and waterfall) are placed correctly from the point of view of ancient knowledge to strengthen the concept and improve the energy of the building for the benefit of those living in it.

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