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Location:  39 Elizabetes Str., Riga, Latvia
Real estate type:  apartment house
Construction volume:  7,043.8 sq.m. 
Number of apartments:  36 
Status:  put into operation



Location:  39 Elizabetes Str., Riga, Latvia
Real estate type:   Apartment house

Total area:        7043.8 sq.m

Terraces:           806.5  sq.m

Parking:             1158.5 sq.m

Number of apartments:  36 

Status:  put into operation Y2015


The project pays tribute to the Riga-born world chess champion Mikhail Tal and is a first example of the implementation of DeCode principles. The facade of the building uses chess motives: the geometry of bay windows personifies chess pieces of various heights, a combination of light and dark tinted glass: a white king and a white queen and a black bishop -Tal's favorite chess combination to end the game. The monoliths of the columns on the first floor of the building, the powerful and upward-looking ‘capitals’ that support the building, personify Tal's triumphal gesture, his raised hands holding the winner's cup. The theme of chess is revealed in design and architecture; everything is subject to strict rules of geometry - homogeneous surfaces, an emphasis on lines and shapes, a minimum of details, while each element has a symbolic meaning and its own history. Tal Residence comprises 7,043 sqm of inner space with 36 luxury apartments.

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