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Location:  8 Strelnieku Str., Riga, Latvia
Real estate type:  

Mixed use residential & commercial

Total area:           14874.5 sq.m

Terraces:              1273.2  sq.m

Parking:                2397.2 sq.m
Number of apartments: 75

Status:  put into operation Y2020


Lofts&Rosegold quarter is an ensemble of two construction volumes - a brand new 7-story residential building with spacious terraces and reconstructed building of a former 4-story horse manège, listed in UNESCO World Heritage site for having the cultural and historical significance. Three core aspects characterize the values and philosophy set by the project, turning it into a living and working space with added value. It is the perfect location that makes this project stand out amongst other residential buildings in the historical center of Riga allowing to enjoy all the benefits of living at the very heart of the capital’s center – just a stone’s throw away from high-end boutique shops, cafes, restaurants, most prominent educational institutions, and medical facilities. The commercial and business center is nearby as well. At the same time, Lofts&Rosegold is isolated from the center’s bustle and dynamic traffic, therefore allowing its residents to enjoy the serenity and soak up the calmness of Riga Quiet Center. Surrounded by Art Noveau or Jugendstil architecture that is rightly considered as one of Riga’s claims to fame, the project holds another advantage – picturesque views from the apartments and open-air museum of architectural heritage that goes back to the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. The interior of the project was designed following all the fundamental principles of Danish philosophy of a happy life – Hygge, turning comfort and harmony into the main components of the buildings. The Rosegold residential building consists of 75 apartments, each with its own autonomous and spacious terrace. The metaphor of those two buildings is created in a way as if the Rosegold building protects Lofts, emphasizing its beauty, with bay windows and protruding geometry of upper floors carefully framing Lofts building. The heart of Lofts&Rosegold is the main lobby hall with a floor area stretching over 220 sq. m., and a ceiling height reaching a mark of 4.20 m. Modern design, sections of walls built from the handmade bricks of the 19th century, background music, particularly for this project elaborated scent, natural materials, candles, and all the essential tools to create an atmosphere of happiness. The focal point of the hall is the glass ceiling, allowing one to gaze into the beauty of the sky full of stars during cold winter or sultry summer nights. The hall is considered to be the center of attraction and communication of the quarter’s residents and their guests.

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