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Location:  34  Ranka Dambis Str., Riga, Latvia
Real estate type:   Apartment house

Total area:            18102.6 sq.m

Terraces:              2814.6  sq.m

Parking:                2726.7 sq.m

Number of apartments:  114

Status:  put into operation Y2019


This two-tower residential complex is dedicated to German philosophers of the XVIII century -Johann Gottfried Herder  and Johann Georg Hamann who lived and worked  in the house located on this land plot in Riga. The silhouette of the buildings creates associations with a stack of books as an imprint of great thinkers. The two buildings, 28 and 27 floors, consist of 114 luxury apartments, their ground floors are 15 meters above the ground so that residents can enjoy nature and an oak alley - the Alley of Philosophers (inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List). Various sports facilities and grounds, as well as a children's playground, a library of 2500 books in the hall with a 14-meter ceiling were created so that modern "philosophers" could lead their lives fully and efficiently.

The Philosophers’ Residence is created for those who hold safety philosophy close to their hearts, inspiring to find peace and proper relaxation, for those who choose an active way of life in the Business Capital without prejudice that such city can bring on.

A library full of books in Residence’s hall, a basketball court, terraces for Ping-Pong and Novus tables, 2 children’s playgrounds, a place for meditative relaxation with a view on the Philosophers’ Alley and shores of the ancient Daugava, and no cars inside the territory – this residence of modern philosophers will reflect the spirit of times. Located in the centre of Metropolis on vast landscaped Philosophers’ Residence terraces, its residents can dedicate themselves to thoughts and contemplations on the most spectacular Old Town landscapes of church broach spires and Riga Castle. From three viewpoints appears river Daugava beneath the Vanšu Bridge crossing it, low-rise Ķīpsala and Pārdaugava with its miniature houses sinking into green gardens, the future “City” of the capital of Latvia with its first high-rise Saules Akmens, and Ztowers.

An active, productive life and appropriate relaxation – two aspects of life which should be retained in harmony, therefore the environment of the project is of a particular significance. Being deferential to the most beautiful views that historically appeared on the Philosophers’ Alley, we erect the building 12 metres above the ground. The Philosophers’ Residence as though floats above the ground, offering a view on the timeless nature.

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