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Location:  Germany, Berlin, Köpenick 
Real estate type:  Residential Quarter
Construction volume:  69 000 sq.m 
Number of apartments: 84
Status: Sold before construction stage as Greendfield Development Y2018


We strive to give a special meaning to the homes in which there will be
to live our tenants. The residential area "Ecosphere" is not your usual place of residence, but a changing human environment that reunites you with nature, makes it possible to contribute to the upbringing of children and provide a healthy and relaxing lifestyle for the whole family.
The residential area "Ecosphere" is a new vision of the interaction between urban man and nature, an example of a careful attitude towards nature and energy resources, and therefore to the health and wealth of those who will live there.
The choice of life in the "Ecosphere" means the choice of an alternative way of life, which can be characterized as a contrast to the modern dominant individualism, materialism
and consumerism. This innovation effectively solves such global problems as climate change, environmental pollution, lack of resources, as well as social problems, which are especially relevant today. The Ecosphere concept is based on plans to create an environmentally friendly society.
friendly urban environment where forest (nature) and agriculture merge with urban structures.
The ecosphere is built on two core values: sustainable settlement and a healthy lifestyle. Each of these values includes different aspects that together create a sustainable, long-term urban environment.

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