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Riga, Latvia
Property type: residential
  quarter, apartment buildings
Construction volume: sq. m.
Number of apartments: 380
Status: looking for an investor


Project  “Jonathan”, according to its creators, like Jonathan Livingston Seagull from the story of the same name by Richard Bach, sets a qualitatively new level of life. The complex, designed as a business class project with all luxury options, is designed for  380  apartments and has about  170  meters of the river front. The plot chosen for construction is the only place in Riga where building is possible right along the water line. Historically, there was an artificially dug reservoir here, where the Kuznetsovskaya manufactory in the second half of the nineteenth century mined clay for making porcelain. The uniqueness of the site lies in the fact that a dolomite layer comes out close to the surface. This makes it possible, despite contact with water, to carry out work on a zero cycle.  cheaper than in other places in Riga, which are characterized by soils, where complex pile foundations are required. 

  - an example of modern "meditative" architecture, where buildings organically "grow" into the environment, and residential and public spaces smoothly flow into each other. On the facade of one of the houses waterfalls fall like glass protrusions. The building that "looks" at the Daugava serves as a kind of dam that protects the inner world of the complex from the outside world. The houses located on the right and left sides form a lagoon, in the center of which a landscaped island with a pedestrian bridge is kept like a pearl. There are boat docks on the territory of the lagoon, so you can go into the courtyard by boat, moor to the shore and get to your apartment through the underground garage. The architecture of the project reflects the inconstancy and willfulness of water in the changing number of storeys and rhythm of the facades. 

  is the most legally protected project in Latvia, as it is the only project that defended its architectural and urban planning solutions in the Constitutional Court. In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania, the law "On river protection zones" does not apply to artificially dug water bodies.

Stage of the project - the project is prepared for construction, a "building permit" has been received, a marketing strategy has been developed. At this stage it can be considered as an investment project.


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