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Location: Dubai, UAE
Property type: residential quarter

Landplot::        65 963 sq. m

Living area:     38 452 sq. m

BUA:                 63 899 sq. m

Terraces:          7,252 sq. m

Number of apartments:
Status: pre-development stage

DeCode World_main tiser_2022.png

This cult Quarter located on the territory of the La Mer South peninsula in Dubai is a combination of a super prestigious location with a private beach and an open sea, beautiful 360 " views and an absolutely unique project. R.evolution team with Alexey’s leadership decodes legendary people in the facades and interiors of the buildings with the help of  the language of architecture and design.


The Quarter includes:

  •  DeCode Hotel with 13,000 m2 of GFA (150 rooms) and several restaurants, cafes, bars and beach bars, SPA and gym facilities, and other elements of infrastructure that provide not only the customers of the hotel but also the residents of the Quarter with unbeatable service and unforgettable experience. This hotel is the world's first immersive DeCode Hotel, offering an experience that takes visitors to the next level of wonderfully immersive immersion in their favorite legends.


  •  Legend Residence, with a total area of  20,000 m2 GFA, includes 5-7 buildings and villas, each decoding in the language of modern architecture, landscape and design, great personalities- the Legends -  the brightest representatives of the genetic code of mankind.



 One of the important advantages of the Quarter  is  its chamber development. The area of each building does not exceed 2800-4000 m2, and the number of storeys is 5 floors.

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