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Location:  23 Hospitalu Str., Riga, Latvia
Real estate type:  apartment house & office
Construction volume:  sq.m. 
Number of apartments: 
  put into operation






Location: Riga, Latvia
Property type:

tenement  House
Construction volume:
  sq. m.
Number of apartments:
Status: completed


"Chocolate"  - a multi-storey residential and office building in Riga at 23 Hospitalu street.
First there was a word. According to the project's architect Ugis Zabers from the "Sīlis Zābers un Kļava" bureau, the work on it gained wings when its name became known. Yes, this house is chocolate-cut. Here are found such unusual solutions as large, several floors, glazed cubes of dark tinted glass, practically without seams, it is like a precious cut of a building, like a mirror, where trees and neighboring houses look in surprise, not keeping up with comparison. That part of the facade, where there is no glass, also surprises with an atypical detail for our latitudes - shutters. They cheerfully swing open into the world, like eyelashes, giving the look a charm.
R.evolution's contribution is the development of an idea, a project concept, attraction of investors, organization of bank financing, a marketing concept and full project management. At the moment, the house has been put into operation and sold out by apartments.

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