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Main facade view from  Bac de Roda


Location:  Сarrer Bac de Roda 178-184, Manzana de la Concordia, 22@ District, Barcelona, Spain
Real estate type:  Office Center 

Construction volume:    15 832 sqm
Terraces:                           1561,5 sqm
Parking:                                  815 sqm
Number of workspaces:          2 000

Status: Architectural design stage


An artificial waterfall on the southern facade 


The concept of Bac de Roda is an antidote to the current consumer lifestyle. It comprises an energy efficient Office Centre featuring safe, healthy open spaces and a harmonious place to work. The project aims to become a trophy asset of Barcelona 22@District, an innovative and urban renewal zone of the city bringing the highest quality to the working environment.

Bac de Roda Office Center is a blend of Catalan cultural values, innovative technologies, and revolutionary architectural solutions, e.g.:


An artificial waterfall on the southern facade 

• The highest in Europe, the 40 m artificial solar-powered waterfall uses rainwater and purified water previously used by the tenants.It  imitates the dramatic Salt del Sallen - the highest and the most beautiful waterfall of Catalonia.

• The man-made forest in the middle of the urban jungles - 200 trees planted throughout the building both vertically and horizontally.


02_RVLC GROUP (BDR160_IMG_ANIM) ext_oficinas P9.jpg

Facade close up

• The vertical wind energy generators in the shape of a traditional Catalan wind instrument, the nunut, produce a subtle pleasant sound, similar to the original acoustic vibrations of the instrument The rotating movement of the generators replicate the circular motion of the Sardana – a traditional Catalan dance.

- The principle of connecting and enforcing energy and people unification in a circle of the Sardana is also applied to the design of workspaces on open terraces of  the building.

Lobby_BD v1web.jpg

Ground floor lobby area 

• The solar shading system is designed in the form of a large number of triangles - a direct reference to Els Castellers, Barcelona Human Towers, and Falcons, Barcelona Human Buildings, unique protected by UNESCO Catalan traditions symbolizing the values of trust and union.

• Vertical slats on the facade refer to the tradition of national stick dance Festa Bastonera.


Office spaces 6th floor

• The interior of the main hall of the building is created in the form of a cave in a rock with a waterfall and a 7-meter statue of Bac de Roda with a living fire in the heart in whose honour this building is named.

02_RVLC GROUP (BDR160_IMG_ANIM) int_oficinas P9_v02.jpg

Office spaces 9th floor


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