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Location: Riga, Latvia
Property type: apartment building
Construction volume: sq.m.
Number of apartments:
Status: sold


Aizkulises (Behind the Scenes) is a tenement house with unusual architecture, based on the philosophical theme that the house is a place behind the scenes of a stage, a play called Life. A place where a person can afford to take off his masks, not to play, to be who he is. The first and last (7) floors of the house are glass surfaces from ceiling to floor.
The facade of the house from the 2nd to the 6th floor was frozen with a luxurious stone curtain, the pattern of which exactly repeats the pattern of the curtains of the Latvian National Opera. Thanks to the original architectural solutions, the wavy facade, the use of mosaics, eccentricity in everything, the Aizkulises house is compared to the works of the great Spanish architect and is called "Riga Gaudi". The R.evolution City company found such technical solutions, thanks to which the cost of the facade decorated with mosaics was not much more expensive than the cost
  a conventional facade. 
The building is equipped with three noiseless high-speed elevators. All apartments have terraces or balconies. The exclusive duplex apartments on the top two floors have a glass ceiling in the center of the living room and a fireplace. The underground car park is equipped with forced ventilation and a fire extinguishing system.
The project was nominated for the "Best Elite House Project" competition.
Due to the economic crisis, construction was frozen in 2008. At the moment it can be considered as an investment project.


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