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Location:  Jurmala, Latvia
Real estate type:  apartment house
Construction volume:  sq.m. 
Number of apartments: 
  put into operation

Проект 365: Элитные апартаменты в Риге





Riga, Latvia
Property type: apartment building
Construction volume: sq. m.
Number of apartments:
Status: sold


The R.evolution City company was tasked with minimizing the disadvantages of the site chosen for the construction, and developing a project concept. As a result, architects from “Silis, Zabers & Klava” bureau created  home for those who do not accept standard solutions, standard projects and templates.
The double facade of the building harmoniously fits into the environment and emphasizes the peculiarity of the resort town of Jurmala. The first layer of the facade  "365"  imitates pine trees, just like in a pine forest and creates a sense of security. The pronounced rhythm of the facade gives the pace of life, and the unusual roof structure, reminiscent of a bird's wing, gives an upward aspiration. The image of a “house in motion” is completed by the special illumination of fragments of the building's facade and changing images projected onto the glass wall of the courtyard.
The courtyard of the house "365" is equipped with a "teleport". The structure of the "teleport" is a wall of tinted glass, measuring 12x18 meters, a projector unique for the Baltic states, which projects an image from a specially selected collection of photographs from different countries of the world. The image is completed with special façade lighting and design lighting solutions.
House "365" was sold as an investment project after commissioning. At this stage, it is sold by apartments.

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