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Saulkrasti, Latvia
Property type: quarter, apartment buildings
Construction volume: 25,000 sq. m.
Number of apartments: 123
Status: sold

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The Sun Republic residential complex is located in Saulkrasti - on the sunniest coast of the Gulf of Riga, the Baltic Sea, at the mouth of the Kishupe River, just 150 meters from the coast. Originally, a unique natural place with a height difference of up to ten meters was legally  unsuitable for construction. R.evolution City carried out a detailed planning, changed the status for a residential multi-storey building, developed a marketing concept, carried out technical design and at the stage of construction work the project was sold as  investment.
7 four-storey buildings and 123 apartments were built on a landscaped area of 25,000 square meters. Each building - "city" has its own name: Sun Tropez, Sun Marino, Sun Charmonte, Sun Paulo, Sun Diego, Sun Hose, Sun Carlos. All apartments on the southwest side have terraces allowing you to enjoy amazing views of the sea and pine forest. For the comfort of residents, an underground parking lot, a children's playground and all the most modern communications have been built, bicycle paths and a sports center have been organized. The houses are equipped with lifts. Everything here is united by the philosophy of love for the Sun and the general architecture created by the bureau “Sīlis, Zābers un Kļava”.


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